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I wrote The Hundred Story Home not to convince you to solve homelessness in your community but to help you solve the homelessness in you. Do you know what I'm talking about? That feeling that what you are doing isn't what you are supposed to be doing? If you are looking for a purpose, whether it is as big as a building or as small as random acts of kindness, I am hoping my book inspired you to find that one thing that you were meant to do.

My hope is that reading The Hundred Story Home inspires you to begin asking yourself What's My Whisper? I would love to be helpful to you on that journey by creating a community of people looking for purpose, telling you about great resources, and offering some of my own. But really, that question of What's My Whisper can only be answered by you. I've developed some steps to help jumpstart your journey. Download them here.


  • To learn more about homelessness, what causes it and how to help in your community visit The National Coalition for the Homeless website nationalhomelessness.org
  • mental illness
  • To find mental health resources for yourself, a family member or a friend visit HopeWay www.hopewayfoundation.org
  • To learn more about mental illness visit The National Association of Mental Illness website www.nami.org
  • To help end the stigma of mental illness and learn more about it, visit Bring Change2Mind bringchange2mind.org
  • volunteering
  • Every community has great nonprofits working on issues including education, health, human services, arts, animals and enviroment. Talk to your friends in your community about who is doing good work or visit the Volunteer Match website for opportunities www.volunteermatch.org
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