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Thank you for your interest in having Kathy speak at your event. She’s inspired audiences of all sizes even as large as 1,000. Kathy has been invited all over North Carolina, South Carolina, Delaware, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee and Texas and she is ready to encourage your community. Whether it is a fundraising luncheon in your city or an inspirational interfaith talk, she can work with you to create a message that will connect with your audience.

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Kathy Izard speaks and inspires at Eve Marie Carson Lecture Series

Kathy Izard, kicked off the 2018 Carolina Women’s Leadership Council annual meeting and truly embodied the spirit of the lecture series which is leadership, commitment to public service and a proven ability to exact real, positive change in the community. Her remarks, no doubt inspired the 350 people in attendance—Carolina students, professors, staff, community volunteers and members of the Carolina Women’s Leadership Council -- as she encouraged them to listen to their inner whisper and to act NOW to spark positive change for good. Kathy is proof positive how one person can make a profound difference in our world. The Carolina campus is still buzzing about her lecture. What a gift it was to have her on our campus."

Lanier Brown May
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Kathy was our featured speaker at an event for women at our church. She was spectacular! She is inspiring, relatable, and has a very important story to share about choices, “composing” our own lives, listening to God’s voice, and the plight of homeless men, women and children in our midst. Kathy shares her story in a way that is transparent and eminently honest. We laughed, we cried and, perhaps most importantly, we gained insight and energy for our own spiritual paths."

The Rev, Jennifer C, Brown
Senior Associate Rector, Christ Church, Raleigh

It is hard to put into words how moving, inspiring, and spiritually encouraging Kathy's presentation was. Ten days later I'm still talking about her and getting chills and tears when I think of (our homeless neighbors in) "the bad at night."

Nan Revell
Sorosis Book community event
Asheboro, NC

Kathy’s secret weapon is that she is always real, and she is always genuine. She brings an authenticity that stirs checkbooks, yes—but more importantly, stirs hearts and minds to say, “How can I help? I want to be part of that.” With Kathy, the listener is transformed from, “What can be done?” to “We can absolutely do this together."

Caroline Chambre Hammock
Former Director, Moore Place

Kathy’s presentation was earnest and bold in reminding our community of the healing power and necessity of housing, especially from the street to housing.I have received numerous upon numerous compliments regarding both the event and the way that her message has become a “whisper” for some. The accolades continue to come in!"

Rev. Dr. Bruce Spangler, Executive Director
Volunteer Ministry Center, 10th Annual Carry the Torch event
Knoxville, Tennessee

Kathy Izard has a story that resonates with civic groups as well as church groups. Her listening to an inner voice that led her to develop Moore Place will encourage others to listen harder to find what they can do to better their communities."

Denise Ratchford
Westminster Presbyterian Church, Charlotte

Kathy’s message was one that deeply resonated with people and motivated them to come and learn more about how they could listen to the voice of God and see where the power of God could change not only their lives but the lives of their community. If you’re considering a speaker on the topic of God’s marvelous grace to change us as individuals and to change our communities, then Kathy Izard is a perfect choice. People in our community are still talking about her and her message. The inspiration has extended far beyond just that Friday evening in March."

The Rev. Stephen Setzer
Associate Rector, Christ Church Christiana Hundred, Wilmington, DE

The Hundred Story Home is that book. The book that you can't mention off hand that you can't just hope someone reads. It's the book that deserves to be pressed into someone's hands with a promise to have tea and talk about it. The Hundred Story Home is a book that you'll be pressing it into someone's hands. And Kathy Izard is that speaker who will be pressing into your heart."

Rachel Estes
Director of Missions and Outreach, Canterbury United Methodist Church, Birmingham, AL

Thank you for your interest in hearing Kathy speak.

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