A powerful true story about finding faith in yourself and something bigger.

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New hundred story home
The Hundred Story Home

Trust the Whisper

The Hundred Story Home leads you on an inspirational journey that begins with a question, "Where are the beds?" and ends with over one hundred formerly homeless people living in homes of their own.

Author, Kathy Izard, was enjoying a comfortable existence when she came face to face with the reality that while her dedicated service at the community soup kitchen might be feeding her soul, it would never solve the bigger needs of the homeless population. Confronting the question of where are the beds? Kathy realized that she had been called to take on what seemed like an insurmountable task﹘to build housing for Charlotte's homeless.

Woven together with this uplifting story of a call to social action is Kathy's personal struggle with faith, forgiveness and fulfillment. In telling her story, Kathy invites you to consider rewriting your own. What's calling you? And as crazy at it seems, it may be crazier not to try.

"Compelling and convicting, The Hundred Story Home is a powerful testament to the way one person can affect transformation at the deepest levels. Kathy’s beautiful storytelling propelled me outside of my comfort zones. . . It’s impossible to read The Hundred Story Home and walk away unchanged."

Courtney Westlake, author, A Different Beautiful

"Kathy has written one of the most inspirational books I’ve ever read. She weaves her incredible storytelling with authenticity and humility to the page unlike any other. Kathy is one of those rare people who see a need in their communities and do something about it. This book might just cause you to step out and do something that you’ve never done before for the benefit of someone else."

Chad Cannon, chief marketing officer, Michael Hyatt & Co.

"I LOVE The Hundred Story Home. Kathy Izard is a beautiful writer who has woven her personal life story into an account of her heroic effort to help the homeless. In her book of midlife discovery, she writes not only about creating a community for one hundred homeless adults but also inspires others to do so much more than what they ever thought possible."

Mary Dell Harrington, writer and Grown & Flown cofounder

"This is a powerful story, skillfully told, and one that will hold you. As you read about a remarkable woman who gave up a promising career to do what for her was totally unexpected—to build a home for the homeless—you may find it is also a bridge to faith for you. As it has been for her."

Leighton Ford, president, Leighton Ford Ministries
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