Stories from Home

The Hundred Story Home is traveling all over as friends share it with others. Just a few of the places I have received cards, letters and emails from:

Alexandria, VA • Atlanta, GA • Augusta, GA • Austin, TX • Asheville, NC • Birmingham, AL • Buffalo, NY • Charleston, SC • Chapel Hill, NC • Greensboro, NC • Hickory, NC • Lexington (KY and VA) • Los Angeles, CA • Knoxville, TN • Nashville, TN • New York, NY • Portland, OR • Raleigh, NC • Wilmington (NC and DE) • Washington, DC • Houston, TX • Little Rock, AR • Rancho Santa Fe, CA • San Francisco, CA • Newport Beach, CA • Greenville, NC • Portland, ME • Franklin, IN • Vancover • Hong Kong • London • Sydney

Readers’ Stories

Many invited me to their church or their civic group to share the message of believing in ourselves and in something bigger. In each city, I met people trusting their own whispers and Doing Good. Some dreams were as big as a building and others were making a difference one life at a time. Meeting these inspiring people and finding out was calling them is part of my next chapter. Here are a few of the many I have met. If you know someone who has listened to their whisper to find their calling let me know about it. Email me their (or your) photo and story: EMAIL KATHY